Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog

This is a blog dedicated to the journey of one man Jose Pelle Jaime and his wife Isabel Alobe Ortiz whom migrated to Hawaii from Spain. This blog will trace this families ancestry as well as update on the descendants.
I am new at blogging and maybe not as proficient at this new endeavor but I will try. I am writing this blog because I have seen some interest in this family and the journeys of these 5 brothers and their little sister Mary.
I am the wife of Anthony Alan Himan, the youngest child of Henry O. Himan, so of course none of these blogs will be first hand information. But having been exposed to this family for 30 years and hearing all the stories. I wanted to write them down somewhere and share the same.
I am in the process of developing a family tree for my children and grandchildren and as they indicated to me. Genealogy just looks like a bunch of names and dates to them. I hope to bring these names and dates alive to the family. I would in in small way to allow these children and grandchildren to meet their remarkable family. I encourage any and all family members to add, comment, and even criticize (things can be changed or deleted) this blog. Nothing is written in concrete and even if it was ----we know how to take a jackhammer to it and repave!!
This is not my blog but a gift to the Himans to share, read or participate as each sees fit to do so.

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