Friday, October 5, 2012

Nerja, Spain

Jose Jaime Reyes parents are Jose Jaime Martin and Maria Reyes Bobadilla of Nerja,
How do I know for sure???? Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Ph.D - Expert on Latino Genealogy translated Tony's father's baptismal transcription from the padres of Iglesis Parraquina Santa Ana, Villa Maulia Diocesis Malagur Manilia.
What a truly beautiful place! Henry Himan's maternal grandparents come from Alicante Next post.......... OBTW Henry Himan's birth name??
Andre Basilo Jaime Ortiz

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tony's favorite cousin's daughter sent a great package of family group sheets, photos and research.

Tony's favorite cousin's daughter sent a great package of family group sheets, photos and research. I am adding family data, photos, and research to "Little Sister" Mary's descendants. Mary's granddaughter Julie sent quite a large genealogical package to share at the Himan Reunion. I have entered the family data into the family database including Mary Ann's grandchildren. Also included in the package are photos are quite a few toddler photos of the two close cousins (my husband Tony and Mary's youngest daughter Mary Ann. I am having fun playing with the photos There is one photo in particular I am working on ----- it is a photo of Mary Ann about three years old walking with her parents in Honolulu Hawaii. Mary Ann is wearing a cute dress and bonnet, For the slide show I am attempting to take a full shot of the three of them and then about 3 more shots enlarged and chopped a little each time until it is just Mary Ann on the screen. It has the effect of being a movie. Mary Ann married a man Larry Dancer in Sunnyvale California. Tony and Larry knew each other since they were quite young. Tony and Larry were in quite a few classes together since the 5th grade. Mary Ann as a young girl. ).
Mary Ann and Larry had three children 1 boy and 2 girls. I have not heard definite yet but I do believe Mary Ann is planning to attend the Himan Family Reunion in November. I personally know of six hotel rooms that are booked and paid for the family reunion. And I have been told six more rooms are booked by other members of the family. My next blog will be about the communication I have sent to the cities in Spain regarding the Himan family.