Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Himan Reunion ---- next generation learns of SS Orteric

So I tried to add as many words as possible in my title to activate a search. This post will be about reaching out to the next generation of the Himan descendants by introducing them to the immigration of their ancestors. The Himan family are descendants of the maiden voyage of the SS Orteric. This is a very unique set of survivors. Over 100 years later after this voyage it is very interesting to find the descendants of this voyage and share the lives of these survivors.
On November 10, 2012 a portion of the Himan Family gathered in Reno Nevada
and for the first time for many of them heard the story of the family of six traveling from Gibraltar Spain to Honolulu aboard the SS Orteric.
There is only one known photo of the SS Orteric. This photo is in a museum in Victoria, Australia.
The game played at the reunion was
tape the ship on the route
found on the map. A map of the world was provided along with paper cut outs of the SS Orteric.
The children taped their paper ships to the route taken by the SS Orteric.
UT OH!!!! Did Uncle Al decide to play?
Help!!! Uncle Al is running into the tables!
The kids come to the rescue. This way Uncle Al!!
Everyone waits while the "winners" are announced.
The winners are the ships that are placed closest to the port of departure and the port of arrival.
Closest to Spain-----Michelle
Closest to Hawaii-----William